Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Coach

You’re only as good as your Coach.  This clever commercial from Volkswagen demonstrates that Coaching can be as equally detrimental as it can be instrumental.  Question: Who is Coaching you?

Let’s set some parameters.  Today I’m speaking to “Professional Presenters.”  These are those of you who make Presentations on a consistent basis.  It is your job to make Presentations and those Presentations need to be so effective that they move the needle for your quota, your division, your company.  If you are not consistently making live Presentations to an audience of 1, 2, 10, 200, 5,000, then this message and the accompanying Coaching strategies are not designed for you.

Assuming you are a Professional Presenter, then my question to you is: Who’s Coaching you?  Your Manager?  Your Sales Trainer? Your colleague? Your friend/partner/spouse?!?!?  I love the student who came to me and said, “Well, last night I showed my presentation to my wife and she really liked it!”  Wow!  Seriously?  Nothing against the gentleman’s wife, but is she a qualified Presentation Coach who has witnessed thousands of like presentations?!?  Ask the same tough question about your current batch of Presentation Coaches.

We’ve well established the value of Coaching for the Professional Presenter.  If you’re not there yet, you’ve just insulted every athlete, musician, Olympian, singer, dancer, actor who understands the impact of solid Coaching and the purposes of ongoing education.  Don’t tell me you are one of the millions of presenters who shows up every day and just wings it.   If you’re already convinced that you’re flawless and have no need for improvement then this message and the accompanying Coaching strategies are not designed for you.

Back to the Volkswagen commercial.  We have to be careful of our influencers – those we rely upon to challenge us to be Better.  You may be the best at your company or the best on your team.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t get Better with Coaching.  However, make sure that you have the right Coach.  For example, if you’re a 6 and your Coach is a 6 or a 7, or worse a 5, how much better are you going to get?  But, if you’re a 6 and you’ve hired an expert who will challenge you to become a 7, or an 8, or a 9, or a 10, make sure that your Coach is at least an 8, 9, or 10!  (The other side: If you already think that you’re a 10, wouldn’t it be nice to have that validated by an expert!?!)

Since this is the start of the Fall New Year with the 4Q fast approaching, NOW is the perfect time to engage a Coach.  Improvement means: Better effectiveness, Better results, Better money, Better outcomes.  Better Presentations.

For those of you Professional Presenters who would like to explore bringing onto your personal team a Sales/Presentation Coach to help you be Better at what you do on a daily basis, send an email to set up a phone or Skype interview (limited Coaching spots available) to:

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