Looking For Objective, Straightforward Feedback to Your Presentations?

When’s the last time you had an outside resource, third-party, take an honest look at your presentations, or the presentations of your people?

Robert King – America’s Presentation Coach – has created a dynamic workshop platform specifically designed for Professional Presenters – those who make a majority of their living from live presentations.

Here are the details:

¤  5 people in a room, half day.
¤  Each participant gives two live presentations: a 3-5 and an 8-10.
¤  3-5 – Commercial: Who you are? What you do?  Why should we do business with you?
¤  8-10 – The Best Part: Presenter demonstrates the best part of a presentation that they give on a regular basis.
¤  Straightforward, personalized feedback given to each presentator by their very own Presentation Coach, Robert King.
¤  All presentations are capture digitally and subsequently sent to presenter/management team for review and discussion.

This is a popular program with corporations and organizations of all sizes.

Engage us today to learn how this Presentation Coaching Platform can best assist you and your team of presenters.¤


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