Do You Have A Personal Presentation Coach On Your Team?

Some of you are golfers, or at least enjoy the game of golf.  If you do not play golf, please excuse the sports anaology.  For a golfer, there’s a difference between getting a golf lesson and hiring a swing coach.  What happens a couple of rounds after one golf lesson?  Most of us resort to our old, bad habits.  Right?  If you want to affect change over an extended period of time, you hire a Swing Coach.  Remember, a Coach doesn’t teach the player how to play the sport.  They help the player play the sport better.

Same with a Presentation Coach.  Think about it.  Every professional golfer has a Swing Coach.  Every professional tennis player has a Coach sitting in their box watching every match.  All Olympians – even the Gold Medal winners – have coaches.  You are a Professional Presenter.  Do you have a Coach?  If the answer to that question is “No,” – why not?

Before bringing on a Personal Presentation Coach, consider these four questions:

  1. Do I present on a consistent basis?
  2. Are my presentations vital to my success, to the success of my business?
  3. Do I have the resources to bring on a Coach?
  4. Am I coachable?

If the answers to these four questions is “Yes!”, and you desire to be the best, then engage Robert King - America’s Presentation Coach – in conversation to see how he and his colleagues can best assist you and your presentations.¤


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