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The Art of Exceptional Conversations

You’ve heard people say, “Ditch the pitch.”  What is your reaction to that statement?  Do you consider it blasphemous or treasonous?  Does it insult your sales sensibilities?  Is it possible that presentations have become passé? So that we’re all speaking … Continue reading

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Ask Yourself – “Do I Need A Presentation Coach?”

A disturbing phrase that we often hear is, ”I don’t need a Coach.” This general sentiment baffles us. In the upcoming months, the world’s greatest summer sports athletes will convene in London to validate their excellence. Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years of dedication, … Continue reading

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Keynote: “The State of Presentations in America”

“Presentations are the heartbeat of American business today. If you do not possess mastery of these skills, you will not achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. If your team does not practice exceptional presentation skills, they will … Continue reading

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Looking for a Keynote Speaker? Consider Robert King, America’s Presentation Coach

Looking for a Keynote Speaker that will entertain and educate your audience?  How about one that will provide valuable and practical skills that are immediately acccessible to the listener?  What if your Keynote Speaker could help make the difference between closing the business, or … Continue reading

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