Ask Yourself – “Do I Need A Presentation Coach?”

A disturbing phrase that we often hear is, ”I don’t need a Coach.”

This general sentiment baffles us.

In the upcoming months, the world’s greatest summer sports athletes will convene in London to validate their excellence. Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years of dedication, determination, and practice will position them to prove their greatness. Take a moment to notice that every single one of them has a coach?!?! Even the gold medal – the perennial symbol for supreme performance – winners will have coaches!!!

Eric Hoffer once said, “The learner shall inherit the Earth. While the learned will be beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.”

More often than not, salespeople and executives excuse themselves from instruction and potential betterment because of apathy, arrogance, or an inflated sense of capability. As a Presentation Coach, I consistently encounter sales professionals and executives who have elevated themselves higher than Dirk Nowitzki, Rory McIlroy, Venus Williams, Eli Manning, Lindsey Vonn, etc. Do you suppose that any of these icons think less of themselves because they had coaches and were not ultimately self-reliant?

Actors have Directors. Singers have Teachers. Dancers have Instructors. Athletes and Olympians have Coaches. Salespeople and executives have who – Managers?  Can we all agree that not all Managers are skilled Presentation Coaches?

Could your presentation or the presentations of your people benefit from Coaching?  Because, folks, left to your own devices, the results could be disastrous.


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4 Responses to Ask Yourself – “Do I Need A Presentation Coach?”

  1. Hi Robert,

    “Can we all agree that not all Managers are skilled Presentation Coaches?” Yes we can. Unfortunately, many in-house corporate presenters are cursed with false feedback. And the more senior these presenters become, the more skewed the feedback. I’m sure you’ve seen many occasions when a CEO leaves the stage after an atrocious presentation, only to be told “You knocked it out of the park, Sir” by a sycophantic employee. Thanks for your thoughts and your video,


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