Advantages of Third Party Feedback on Your Presentation Skills

Who’s coaching your presentations(or the presentations of your people)?  Your managers?  Your HR reps?  Your in-house trainers?  Are any of these folks skilled Presentation Coaches?  More often than not, these staff members are coaching content; making sure that the presenter knows his/her product knowledge, or the company line.  Plus, their feedback can be influenced by internal politics which can dilute effectiveness.

What will propel that presenter towards success in the marketplace?  Delivery.  It’s what they do inside that presentation that will be the difference between winning the business, or losing the business.  Remember, your prospects and clients may not remember what you say, but they never forget how you say it.

Often referred to as the “Simon Cowell of Presentation Coaching,” Robert King – America’s Presentation Coach – is an ideal, third-party resource for your presentation skills needs.  He guarantees straightforward, unbiased feedback.  Make sure that you have engaged a qualified Presentation Coach for you and/or members of your team.¤


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